Church Resources

It is time for us to get creative in how we are going to adapt to a new way to do church. Here are some resources with helpful information…

Nuts & Bolts Leadership is a website created by IPHC EVUSA & Pastor Josh Hannah. There are a vast number of free resources for your church to use at any time, but they have also created a section specifically dedicated to COVID-19 Resources

IPHC Discipleship Ministries exists to advance Christ’s mission in the local church. 

We partner with conference and local church leaders to inspire, equip, and support them on their journey to become more like Jesus.

Ministry Brands offers an Online Church Guide with resources & training for Easter, Sunday Services, Offering, Connections, Announcements & Childrens Ministry. They also have a library of webinars for training with new webinars for Easter Online resources every day from now until Easter! There is SO much helpful information and it’s all FREE! Check it out by clicking here.

Click here for FREE weekly Kids lessons from IPHC Kids, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram at IPHC Kids.

Ryan Wakefield of Church Marketing University has put together one of the most comprehensive guides on digital ministry we have found. It covers everything from Live Streaming with a $0 budget to digital outreach and life groups. You can access all this info for FREE by clicking here.

·     Every week the IPHC will release FREE Children’s Ministry curriculum that you can use with your younger children at home. You can access them here. Check back weekly for new lessons!

This is an important time for FAMILY MINISTRY- be sure to include your children and teens in ministry time.  If watching church online, make sure everyone is included.

·      Have Praise and Worship times together – (For some children this will be the first time worshiping with their parents and not in Children’s Ministry.

·      If you are a Children’s Ministry Leader or Youth Leader, make time every week to keep in contact with your children.  Make a quick video so they can SEE YOU!

·      Another good resource for parents during this unusual time: THEPARENTCUE.ORG

Church Motion Graphics is a great website that provides just that, graphics! They have motion backgrounds, slide templates and social graphics for churches. Although there is a paid subscription option, they also offer FREE graphics as well. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT

Facebook LIVE may be the easiest way to stream your messages. It can be as simple as creating a Facebook “Page” for your church if you don’t already have one, and filming the service from your phone directly to Facebook.
Here are the steps To go live:
Go to your Page and tap Publish.
Tap Add to your post.
Tap Live Video.
Write a brief description that can also include tagging other people and Pages.
Tap Start Live Video to start a 3-second countdown to broadcast.

Some of our churches have found it helpful to create Facebook Groups inside of their Facebook Church Page, so that they can better communicate with different members of their congregation. Here are instructions on how to create those groups.