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Your Husband’s Purpose

     Everyone has a purpose, it is the reason we exist. It’s our life’s mission, objective, or plan. Our first mission should be…to Love God with all our Heart, soul, and mind and to seek His will for our lives. The Minister’s wife should not only seek God for her personal life but seek God on behalf of her husband as well. As minister’s wives we need to pray over him that he know and understand the reason that he exists.

He needs to understand that his life is not just an accident, but that he is here by design, and when he discovers that purpose and is doing what he was created to do and becoming what he was created to become, he will find fulfillment. Which, may I add, will make our lives and Marriages a whole lot Better.

If I have learned anything from 47 years of marriage, it is that a wife can pressure her husband to be something, or she can pray for him to become it! God can work so much quicker and more efficiently thus bringing about the result that is wanted, with the least waste of time.

Pray that your husband will be molded according to God’s plan and not anyone else’s. Pray that he will hear God’s voice so that what he does lines up with God’s purpose for his life. Whatever God has called your husband to be or do, He has called you to support and be a part of. If in no other way, you can be a part of it through prayer and encouragement. Then assist him in any way possible! For some minister’s wives that means creating a good home, raising children, being there for him, and offering support. Other wives may take a more active role in the ministry. But I assure you, one is not more important than the other!

In the early years of our ministry, I put myself down because I felt I offered nothing to my husband’s ministry. I could not sing, play a piano, or teach and I had two babies to care for.  One day in my prayer time I was telling God all the reasons that He had made a mistake by calling me to be a pastor’s wife. Then He spoke to me and said, “ You are called! Pray and take care of Ray and the Children and your home. You are doing what I called you to do for this season”. When I took peace in that, a big load lifted off of me and it made our marriage much happier and stronger.

God has called you to a specific purpose too, but it will always fit in with whatever your husband’s calling is. It will not be in conflict with it! God is not the author of confusion or strife. He is the God of perfect connection!

My prayer for my husband, as well as your husband, is this… “God help him to clearly heed the call on his life. Help him to realize just who he is in Christ and give him certainty that he was created for a high Purpose! Enable him to walk worthy of his calling, and strike down discouragement so that it will not defeat him! Lift his eyes above the circumstances of the moment! Give him patience to wait for Your perfect timing, and Lord may he seek Your direction, and hear You when You speak”. Amen!!!!

With much Love and Blessings

Ms. Peggy