What is Discipleship Ministries?  

Discipleship Ministries is the area of ministry that focuses on the instruction, nurture and development of mature Christ followers.  In ideal situations it begins at infantcy, is a foundation in childhood, grows during adulthood and continues until death.  Discipleship can begin even before there is an conscience commitment to Christ.  Young children are the perfect soil to plant seeds that will develop into a mature Christian life that will be like a tree with large branches, lush green leaves and beautiful fruit.

Each local church should provide programs that encourage the Spiritual growth and maturity of it’s individuals.  Many of these programs minister to the age, maturity and gender of  individuals and are developed to meet their specific needs.

The Discipleship Ministries Department of the Sonshine Network Conference is designed to train, encourage and resource those that are ministring in the local churches.  We also provide events that promote fellowship and inspiration such as camps, retreats, fun outings and even talent competitions for kids.

The portfolio of Discipleship Ministries includes the following programs:                                                  Children’s Ministries, Royal Rangers and Girls Ministries, Youth Ministries, Sunday School and Small Groups, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Singles Ministry, Seniors Ministry,  Praise & Worship and promotion of Higher Education   (ex. Emmanuel College).

We are here to assist the local church in any way possible in making disciples.  We have an abundance of resources and training available, and are always looking for opportunities to provide them to the local church.  Please feel free to contact me if you need anything.  We are here to serve you!

Elizabeth Martin
Discipleship Ministries Director
[email protected] or 407-880-0241